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Meet Kerri

Dr. Kerri Hample, OTR/L, FMCHC, NBC-HWC

Occupational Therapist and Professor

Nationally Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach

Did you ever have a gut feeling? I remember the exact minute that I had my most profound gut feeling to date. I was standing in the Emergency Room after my seven year old son had yet another allergy attack. I remember the physician telling me he had 8 different food allergies and the list of what he could not eat seemed long and daunting. He wasn't thriving and each specialist visit yielded more lists of don'ts and medications. What I was supposed to feed him? How would he sleep with all the stimulant allergy medications? How would he thrive? I knew at that moment (my gut feeling) that there had to be answers and a better way. I'm an Occupational Therapy Associate Professor, a published OT researcher and an internationally certified Functional Medicine Health Coach. Gut Feeling was born to teach families and therapists how to improve gut health so that clients can thrive. I use OT, functional medicine coaching, classes, and holistic nutrition, skincare, and makeup to give families and therapists the tools they need to help themselves and their clients improve gut health, mood, attention, sleep and manage weight. I have a feeling that the key to better health lies in your gut and I can't wait to show you how you can use these simple yet powerful changes to thrive. 



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